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Case study 4 : Working with a Professional Body

Stakeholder Engagement   Professional Group   Qualitative Research   Career Framework  

Who we worked with

A Professional Body

The aims of the project

We carried out a confidential study on behalf of  a chartered professional body. The work involved a review of the current market for qualifications in the professional sector and an assessment of potential approaches and developments they  could consider in repositioning and strengthening their offer to the sector.

The steps taken to achieve the aims

We undertook primary and secondary research with a range of stakeholders to adress the following:

  • The “state of the nation” in terms of those organisations and awarding bodies that offer postgraduate/professional qualifications in the UK, and how their offer/products compared with our client
  • An understanding of the client base and perceived success of these competitors
  • An assessment of the general trends for postgraduate professional qualifications in the current market, including appetite for study, specific demands for learning and development, and barriers to accessing this
  • Horizon-gazing to foresee any likely market trends/factors over the next 1-3 years which may have an impact on the client's business
  • Evidence of good practice in career development, mapping tools and techniques.

The results

Our report made a series of recommendations relating to courses of action the PB could consider as it reviewed its learning and development offer.

We proposed the development of a flexible career framework.