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Case Study 7: Chartered Institute of Housing

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Who we worked with

The Chartered Institute of Housing

The aims of the project

We have worked closely with the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) as it develops and extends its portfolio of professional learning. We have worked on a number of separate activities all designed to support learning and workforce development in the housing sector.

The steps taken to achieve the aims

We devised and delivered and innovative work-based route to equip confidence with the necessary academic foundations to proceed to their interview for chartered status. This programme used on-line portfolio development as well as face to face learning support sessions. 

Jane has been actively involved with a wide range of learning and development over the past four years for the CIH. She authored the Experienced Professional Route (EPR) to chartered membership. The EPR is an innovative online course that requires candidates to produce a reflective portfolio identifying and evaluating their professional competences, and setting out proposals for their ongoing development. Initially launched in the United Kingdom, it has now been rolled out to Canada and will shortly be available in parts of Africa.

The results

Jane’s interest and experience with facilitating continuing professional development (CPD) meant she was invited to develop three online courses for the CIH. These are aimed at existing chartered members who wish to develop and extend their knowledge and skills. To date she has produced engaging, interactive modules in Ethics, the Right to Buy, and the Care Act 2014.

As the CIH develops and launches its new professional diplomas, Jane is authoring the level 4 professional development unit and the Level 5 leadership and management unit.

Jane tutors candidates on the level four and level five professional diplomas. She is also an active internal verifier (IV) for a range of in-house qualifications as well as the EPR programme. Jane shares her involvement with CIH here