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Case Study 8: Quality Assurance & Scrutiny

Quality Assurance And Scrutiny   Teaching And Learning   Pedagogy   Employability  

Who we worked with

University College of Estate Management, Staffordshire University, Centre for Partnerships

The aims of the project

As an ongoing offer to organisations we provide quality assurance and scrutiny services to organisations as they review their learning provision. 

Over the past year Jane has undergone detailed course reviews for the University College of Estate Management and Staffordshire University. Jane has also supported the Centre for partnerships with their innovative GEMS programme. She reviewed their assessment portfolio to ensure that it reflected CIH requirements.

The steps taken to achieve the aims

For the Higher Education providers programme scrutiny involved mapping learning outcomes for both programmes of study against learning outcomes required for the professional qualification of CIH.

The results

The outcome for the HE providers was raised awareness of how students can potentially achieve part of a full CIH accreditation through the courses they offer. This brings added value to their programmes in support of graduate employability.