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Case Study 9: Skills for Health

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Who we worked with

Skills for Health

The aims of the project

We are contracted by Skills for Health on a range of activities designed to enhance the development of clinical support workers employed by NHS Trusts across the Yorkshire and Humber region. This work fits with Health Education England’s national and regional agendas around support worker development following the Cavendish Review.

The steps taken to achieve the aims

To date we have worked with five Trusts communicating with a range of staff and running workshops with key stakeholders to engage them in the projects and contribute to the developments. We have used Skills for Health tools to draft competence based roles and job descriptions and work has involved desk research, developing workshop materials, summarising outcomes and report writing.

An additional activity undertaken for Skills for Health has included a project to develop a learning and development framework for hospice nurses delivering specialised palliative care. This interesting project included engagement with a small group of registered nurses with the aim of enhancing the existing learning and development opportunities available in the hospice and demonstrating a career framework. This project required sensitivity in dealing with the people involved but also flexibility in our approach when there was limited time and people to contribute in this relatively small health provider. 

The results

For the health providers we have produced reports on our research and engagement with staff in the organisations. We have drafted competence frameworks and job descriptions and our work on apprenticeships has resulted in a business case and Apprenticeship strategy for one Trust, information on careers and  an Apprenticeship Careers Framework and we have drafted a toolkit for developing an apprenticeship strategy for Skills for Health. We have had an enjoyable experience working with some of the most committed support workers and health professionals in the health sector.

The outcome of the hospice work was a competence based career framework and identification of learning needs to support careers. A summary can be found here http://www.skillsforhealth.org.uk/news/case-studies/item/333-development-of-competence-framework-for-st-gemma-s-hospice-specialist-palliative-care-workforce

The workshops were particularly good. Skills for Health’s team had a huge amount of respect for the staff and what we do, and were very facilitative – they got a lot from them. It was hard for the nurses to do, but I think they really gained lot. They researched a huge amount out there around what is happening in palliative care at the moment. Skills for Health really understand specialist palliative care and really understood us…they made it organisation-specific to our patient needs and came on board with us.

Our work with Skills for Health is ongoing. We use our knowledge of the health care sector as well as our project management skills to ensure effective outcomes and stakeholder engagement.