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Case Study 5: University of Bradford

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Who we worked with

We were engaged by the University of Bradford with Bradford City Council to carry out a scoping study on behalf of Bradford City Council Centres of Excellence for Advanced Industrial Innovation (CEAII).

The aims of the project

The aim was to scope different examples of collaboration between employers and businesses to support progression into advanced level skills that could inform the development of the proposed CEAII. The ambition for the CEAII is wide ranging not only to address progression issues from schools through the developing Industrial Centres of Excellence in priority employment sectors, but also to consider how the development could open up opportunities for improved collaborations between local business and the Higher Education providers locally and improve business access to research development and support services, as well as potential workforce development provision.

The steps taken to achieve the aims

Our approach was to undertake secondary and primary research including

  • Considering the local and national policies and strategies that support this agenda
  • Conducting desk research to identify similar models that CEAII could learn from
  • Communicating with local stakeholders to ascertain their views on the vision for the CEAII
  • Making recommendations on options for further development of the vision

The results

We produced a detailed report for the commissioners and our recommendations were accepted  and have informed a further larger-scale 3-year project.