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Case Study 10 : West Yorkshire Lifelong Learning Network

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Who we worked with

West Yorkshire Lifelong Learning Project

The aims of the project

An early project undertaken by Jay Consulting was commissioned by the West Yorkshire Lifelong Learning Network, a partnership project involving universities and colleges from across the West Yorkshire region based at the University of Bradford. 

The project was supporting an innovative development for new health support worker roles and involved engagement with universities and NHS employers from across the Yorkshire and Humber region included auditing learning providers and employers to identify existing provision that met local workforce development needs and facilitating the communication of an active network of health and care providers with HE and FE institutions.

The steps taken to achieve the aims

We supported the management of a health and social care working group looking into the learning required for the development of Level 4 assistant practitioner roles in West Yorkshire health organisations. We used our knowledge and experience of the sector to support the project outcomes and involved key stakeholders in the activity with professionalism and excellent communication skills to enhance local collaboration around the project. 

The results

The project resulted in the preparation of a business case for the development of support worker roles in health and social care, to regional commissioners and the university Deans’ group. Our work contributed to the establishment of new HE provision to support the learning and development for the new AP roles in local health and care settings, the development of a national role template with associated competencies in partnership with Skills for Health, and a Toolkit for other Trusts and HE providers embarking on similar developments. Copies of the Report and Toolkit we produced can be obtained by contacting us directly. 

" -the connection has formed an important element in the workforce redesign. It has provided links with other health organisations enabling a joint approach to take place, which has speeded up processes by building on existing work. This collaborative approach has also resulted in a closer relationship between employers and education providers with training and courses being developed which match the need of employers and the changing face of the NHS " (local employer representative)